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Looking for the perfect baby shower idea? With Dollar Tree’s help, you can easily create a DIY wreath for an adorable baby shower decoration that doubles as a clever gift for the mom-to-be, full of essentials for her newest addition. Follow along as we show you how to make a wreath using diapers, baby shampoo, baby toys, bottles, and other necessities, all just $1 each at Dollar Tree. With a little bit of a time and a stack of supplies, you’ll be able to make this DIY wreath in no time… and stay within your party budget. Happy crafting!

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I am a huge fan of making wreaths to hang on my front door, to give to my friends as gifts, or to use as party decorations. However, I recently discovered I've been spending too much on my wreath-making supplies. Did you know these wreath forms are only a dollar each at Dollar Tree? I didn't, until now. I like to use this natural wicker form to create floral wreaths for seasonal home decor. These roses can be displayed year-round. This wreath would be beautiful in warm fall or bright summer colors. And you can't go wrong with an affordable gift for a baby shower. To create a diaper wreath like this one, you'll need a metal wreath form, diapers, and a few other supplies. Using a metal wreath, weave diapers through the inner and outer wreath rings as close together as possible. Add a miniature clothespin to the outer edge of each diaper, and then weave a coordinating ribbon over and under each diaper. Use miniature clothespins and ribbon to securely attach baby gifts and essentials to the diaper wreath. I like to add baby shampoo and nail clippers, plus spoons, bibs, and bottles, everything a mom-to-be might need. And the final step is to top off the wreath with a congratulatory button or a card. With a little bit of time, and a stack of supplies, you'll be able to make this wreath in no time and stay within your budget. Happy crafting.

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