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Affordably dress up your wall décor to match any room theme in just a few easy steps. Instead of trying to find the perfect piece of artwork for your home, classroom, or office, create your own with only two supplies from Dollar Tree — a picture frame and wall art stickers. Follow along as we create DIY wall art on a budget with supplies that were just $1 each. Keep in mind that you can create multiple variations of floating frames that can be swapped out to match any design, theme, or season. Plus, you can even create a DIY gallery wall in just a few minutes with a handful of frame designs. It’s easy to dress up your walls for less with Dollar Tree. Happy crafting!

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If you are like me, it can be difficult to decide on a decor theme for a room and even more difficult to stay on budget. I'll let you in on a little secret. It's possible to do, and Dollar Tree can help. Don't stress about purchasing artwork. Instead, create your own with just a few dollars and a handful of supplies from Dollar Tree. For this project, you'll need photo frames with removable back panels and adhesive artwork designs. In a few simple steps, I'll show you how to add creative flair to your home, office, or classroom. First, unwrap the photo frame. Remove the backing and place it to the side. Wipe dust and smudges off the glass with a paper towel. Then select the sticker art you'd like to use. Apply the adhesive side of the sticker to the front side of the glass. Place the mat and the glass back into the frame. Use the frame clasp to secure the glass in place. Now it's time to go hang my new decor. Happy crafting.

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